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Gift card – the freedom of choice

If you are considering buying someone a gift but you want to leave the choice which painting, reproduction or wall sticker from our extensive offer to select for the person you bestow, a gift card is then a superb solution for you. It is the perfect Christmas, birthday or Valentine's Day gift present for your loved one, friend, mother, father, grandmother, child, woman or man. Excellent gift which gives the freedom of choice.

You can choose the value of the card and one of three projects: classical, birthday or Christmas.

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Regulations of the sale of the gift cards you will find here

Gift card Bimago
Gift card – regulations
  1. The gift card Bimago has a form of a pdf file for printing. Each card contains the following information: a unique code of the gift, card expiration date and the amount for which the owner of the card can purchase in the Bimago shop.
  2. The value of the gift card is consistent with the amount at which it was purchased.
  3. The period of validity is 6 months from the date of purchase.
  4. Gift cards which are expired will not be accepted.
  5. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  6. Publisher of the gift cards, Bimago shop, is not liable for loss of the gift card or incorrect use of it.
  7. The gift card Bimago can be used for purchase of any products on
  8. The gift card is disposable, unused amount of the purchase is not refundable.
  9. If the value of the purchased products exceeds the value of the gift card, customer is obligated to pay the missing amount.
  10. Products purchased by using the gift card are governed by the rules contained in the Bimago shop regulations (eg on the right of complaint and reimbursement). If you return a product purchased by the gift card you do not get money in return but a new gift card with a value of the returned product.
  11. The purchaser and the owner of the gift card are required to read the regulations of the Bimago shop and make purchases according to its principles.
  12. The gift card is sent as pdf file on the specified by the customer email address and a copy of the email to the purchaser of the card.
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