We send our products to many different European countries, using the services of the most prestigious international carriers. Our trusted partners in logistics are above all UPS and DPD.

The shipping cost is calculated for each product separately.
Shipping costs for wall stickers are paid only once for each order (even if you buy more than one sticker you pay the shipping cost once).

PLEASE NOTE: When ordering both paintings and wall stickers, shipping costs are paid separately for each kind of product (we always send paintings and stickers separately).

The shipping cost of our products depends above all on the delivery address. Here are some standard shipping costs of our parcels to different countries:
Country Shipping cost for the first item Shipping cost for the second and each following item
Andorra 150 EUR 75 EUR
Argentina 59.9 EUR 39 EUR
Australia 55 EUR 35 EUR
Austria 14.9 EUR 7.45 EUR
Belarus 49 EUR 29 EUR
Belgium 14.9 EUR 7.45 EUR
Brazil 59 EUR 39 EUR
Bulgaria 16.9 EUR 8.45 EUR
Canada 39 EUR 19 EUR
Chile 99 EUR 48 EUR
China 59 EUR 39 EUR
Colombia 69 EUR 49 EUR
Costa Rica 69 EUR 49 EUR
Croatia 180 EUR 90 EUR
Czech Republic 16.9 EUR 8.45 EUR
Denmark 14.9 EUR 7.45 EUR
Dominican Republic 59 EUR 39 EUR
Estonia 19.9 EUR 9.95 EUR
Finland 25.9 EUR 12.95 EUR
France 16.9 EUR 8.45 EUR
French Guiana 59 EUR 39 EUR
Germany 9.9 EUR 4.95 EUR
Greece 59.9 EUR 29.95 EUR
Hungary 19.9 EUR 9.95 EUR
India 130 EUR 65 EUR
Ireland 25.9 EUR 12.95 EUR
Italy 18.9 EUR 9.45 EUR
Japan 69 EUR 49 EUR
Latvia 19.9 EUR 9.95 EUR
Liechtenstein 49.9 EUR 24.95 EUR
Lithuania 19.9 EUR 9.95 EUR
Luxembourg 14.9 EUR 7.45 EUR
Malta 500 EUR 250 EUR
Mexico 39 EUR 19 EUR
Netherlands 14.9 EUR 7.45 EUR
New Zealand 59 EUR 39 EUR
Norway 49 EUR 29 EUR
Peru 69 EUR 49 EUR
Poland 9 EUR 4.5 EUR
Portugal 19.9 EUR 9.95 EUR
Romania 29.9 EUR 14.95 EUR
Russia 18 EUR 9 EUR
Serbia 49.9 EUR 24.95 EUR
Singapore 130 EUR 65 EUR
Slovakia 16.9 EUR 8.45 EUR
Slovenia 16.9 EUR 8.45 EUR
Spain 19.9 EUR 9.95 EUR
Sweden 19.9 EUR 9.95 EUR
Switzerland 49.9 EUR 24.95 EUR
Turkey 59 EUR 39 EUR
United Arab Emirates 69 EUR 49 EUR
United Kingdom 16.9 EUR 8.45 EUR
United States 39 EUR 19 EUR
Venezuela 59 EUR 39 EUR

If your destination country is not on the list, please contact us before placing your order so that we can calculate the exact shipping cost.

In case of shipping to any country outside the EU, additional duties and other payments may be charged.

ATTENTION! The particular shipping costs can be higher than the standard ones if the destination address is marked by the courier as a remote area (e.g. little islands, areas hardly accessible by car etc.).
If you have any doubts – please feel free to contact us. Give us your exact delivery address so that we can inform you on the shipping cost to your address.

All the additional fees related to delivery in special areas (e.g. duties or taxes) are charged to the recipient of the goods.

As soon as your product is sent, we are going to confirm it to you in an automatic e-mail. We are also going to give you the exact tracking number, so that you’ll be able to check the status of your delivery anytime you want, directly on the carrier’s website.

The delivery of our parcels in Europe generally takes place up to 3-5 working days after the shipment. In case of delays or other problems with the delivery, please contact your courier directly – you can ask them to change the delivery address or schedule an exact delivery date.
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