Fish swirl 94762

Wall Mural Fish swirl

Pattern no.:94762
Designed by:Kalla Spire
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    Non-woven wallpapers
    Guarantee of high quality
    • Installation time: 30 minutes
    • Ecological and safe
    • Waterproof print
    • Photographic reproduction
    Have you ever thought about a decoration that can refresh, enlarge, and protect your walls at the same time? You can achieve this effect by choosing our fashionable non-woven wallpapers. Beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing, enlarging the interior patterns. However, this is just the beginning!
    100% non-woven wallpaper also hides minor imperfections in the wall. It creates an insulating layer against cold and being permeable to air at the same time. Waterproof print is very durable. Moreover, using only safe materials, we can recommend our colorful wallpapers even for your child's room!
    • Grammage: 120 gsm
    • Resolution up to 600 dpi
    • Specialized printing technology
    • 100% waterproof print
    • Odorless and eco paint
    • Pigment resistance to light: over 6 on the Blue Wool scale
    • Easy to install: stripes of 50 cm width
    • Dirt resistance
    • Suitable for the bedroom, children’s room and dining room
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    5-6 days
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