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Folding Screen "Monochrome Stairs [Room Dividers]"

Room divider "Monochrome Stairs [Room Dividers]" is a particular decoration for modern home. room divider screen "Monochrome Stairs [Room Dividers]" made from wood and printed on both sides will lookideally in sitting room, bedroom or office. Room divider "Monochrome Stairs [Room Dividers]" will not only help you to manage space, but it can also be a stylish interior decoration.

Room divider "Monochrome Stairs [Room Dividers]" can be made of 3 or 5 parts, which are connected with metal hinges. Dimensions of every part are 45x172 cm- it’s surface is printed on both sides. Thanks to that room divider screen "Monochrome Stairs [Room Dividers]" is very adjustable and it’s also a stylish decoration, which will look ideally in your sitting room, office or other commercial space. Dividing waiting room from office, kichenette from sitting room, creating wardrobe in your bedroom – {there are so many inspirations of how to use a room divider!|there are so many ideas of how to use room divider in your interiors!

Room Separator Monochrome Stairs [Room Dividers]

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